Baccarat Variations and How to Play Them

Baccarat is a very popular online game. While it originated in France, the game became popular all over the world. Over time, when casino games are experiencing digitization, it has become one of the most popular games played in online gambling websites. For a popular game like this, it’s hardly surprising to see so many of its variations that are enjoying immense popularity as well.

The most basic rule in baccarat is for the player to bet on whichever hand is going to have a total value point that’s closest to 9. In most cases, this core principle will remain the same no matter the variation of the game is.

However, you can expect that there will likely be differences in terms of the following:

  • Table layout and size
  • Number of card decks used
  • How many players are allowed at a table
  • Who is responsible for the game’s action or finances
  • Who gets to control the shoe and who will be the banker
  • Payouts and odds
  • Drawing rules
  • Whether or not players have to abide by caps on how much they can bet for every round.

Mini Baccarat

A baccarat variation that has gained much popularity in the US, its rules are significantly similar to the kind of baccarat that Americans play. In this game, the tables are generally smaller— like a table for blackjack. Only 7 players can be accommodated in this table.

Also, instead of having a total of 3 crews, there will only be a single croupier that is responsible for manning the table and making sure that all the details of the game are properly looked after. The croupier is also responsible for shoe control and he will also play the part of the banker for every single hand.

Among the things that people like about this variation of the baccarat game is the fact that it doesn’t feel as exclusive compared to other game variations and the atmosphere involved isn’t as intimidating as well. Where regular baccarat games are generally positioned at an esteemed and exclusive part of any land-based casino, mini baccarat can be easily found right smack at the center of the hustles and bustles of most gambling settings.

For those that want to play and experience a more accessible baccarat game, this is the best choice. Players aren’t expected to dress up so casual clothes will do and the stakes involved are not as high as well since you can even make a $5 starting bet.

Chemin de Fer

The French term for railroad, this is also France’s version of the baccarat game.  Some casinos in Europe also carry the game, although North American casinos do not.  At least two players are needed when playing the game. Perhaps the most notable difference in this baccarat variation is the fact that the casino isn’t in charge of the action.

Instead of the player betting on whether the player or the banker is going to have the winning hand, the player itself is the banker, the wagering spectator or the player for every hand.

Players do have the choice to pass the control of the action and the shoe. The rules on standing and hitting are also different from what American baccarat has and the game is known for having more flexibility.

European Baccarat

This is a version that’s highly popular in Europe and is usually hosted in most European casinos. It is quite similar to the rules of Chemin de Fer where the banker is also the financier of the game. The banker is also the one that determines what the game cap is. Players that choose to wager the whole cap can choose to do so by saying banco. However, for versions that are founded by casinos, the caps are generally smaller.

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